A Vacation Spent At San Jose Beaches Is Best Spent!!!

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No matter what is your intention of traveling whether you are visiting Costa Rica just for business, fun, performing some task, or to explore some thing new the capital city of the country has too many charms to lure you.You might sample some of the flavors of the tastes the city has to offer you at its beaches. If you take San Jose flights you will be finding no deficiency of tourism activities but the beaches of the city are perhaps the thing tat is most likely by the majority of visitors to the region. You may enjoy many water sports and fun activities as well as partying and picnicking. Some of the most carried out activities at coastline of San Jose are; sun bathing, strolling, fishing, scuba diving, surfing, and beachcombing. Don't go anywhere else it all and much more is there waiting for you at San-Jose. Some of the most visited beaches by cheap San Jose flights takers are;


El Estero or Estuary Beach: It's a 125 acres long beach that is best known for its amazingly beautiful bird watching. It is the meeting point of fresh water of Rio San Jose and salted water of Cortez Sea. Tourists taking flights to San Jose prefer it not only for its white sand coastline but also for its exotic coastline but also for it's plenty of wildlife species and lush vegetation. It's a naturally preserved area for its wild life and migratory bird sanctuary by Mexican Law. The entire area is well served by hotels and resorts to facilitate guests to the area.


La Playita or the Little Beach: It is one of the most exciting tourism spots in San-Jose with a number of fun and entertainment activities such as; skim-boarding, surf, and fishing. Again if you take cheap flights to San-Jose and know how to swim then La Playita is best as well as safest beach for swimming. Also known as little beach La Playita is very well served by tourism facilities such as; marina, golf courses, retail stores, and hotels.

Playa Acapulquito: It's a pretty quite and peaceful place that is ideal for couples and old age people who want to relax here while enjoy the scenic beauty of this marvelous site. It's also a good choice for swimming, playing volley ball, and making sand castle.


Playa Hotelera: Another good choice for visitors taken flights to San-Jose from UK and other destinations is Playa Hotelera.It's a good choice for weddings and other event to happen here. It is one of the most popular tourists are in San Jose with nearby  Mega Plaza with twenty retail and fast food locales, waterfalls, and trampolines for the kids

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A Vacation Spent At San Jose Beaches Is Best Spent!!!

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This article was published on 2010/10/22